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The Butterfly Hunter
A limited edition artist book by Klea McKenna which includes:
Introduction by Klea McKenna
A previously unpublished short story by Terence McKenna
78 color plates of specimens
Old snapshots and field maps
Limited edition of 480 signed books printed and bound at Edition One Books in Berkeley, CA

In The Butterfly Hunter Klea McKenna creates a photographic archive of her father's butterfly collection, hunted and preserved nearly forty years ago. The images display delicate butterflies framed by faded and stained newspapers, magazines, letters, and manuscripts—materials McKenna's father used as envelopes to hold his findings. The headlines and fragmented news stories paint a conflicted portrait of the era. Each image holds narratives that are at once personal and historical. McKenna has used this unique material to create a moving and relevant piece.
- Adrienne Skye Roberts, writer and curator

A remarkable visual meditation on time, loss, and the culture of nature, “The Butterfly Hunter” is also a cool but intimate engagement with Terence McKenna's fanatical romanticism. It is a mark of Klea McKenna's courage that she has taken on the legacy of a man so concerned with his own legacy, and a mark of her success that she does it with such candor and care. This beautifully produced book is, as Terence himself would deeply appreciate, an artifact of wonder.
- Erik Davis, author of The Visionary State

The first edition of The Butterfly Hunter is available for purchase here, via PayPal for $130. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks. Thanks for supporting this project.

Peripheral Vision Portfolio Box
Peripheral Vision is a limited edition portfolio created as a collaboration between artists, Jessica Skloven, Rebecca Najdowski and Klea McKenna, all three of whom work with brilliant color and material abstraction in photography. The portfolio was made in a small edition of 8 and each one includes two original prints from each artist.

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